Welcome to Willow Bend Morgans - home to the stars of the award-winning Morgan Horse series! Here in our stable live all the characters from the popular series, enjoying real-life adventures that frequently find their way into author Ellen Feld's books. We are also home to the very rare, almost lost "Saycrest Frosty Miss" line of grays. With just four grays from this line known to exist (when we started our breeding program to restore this line there was just one!), Willow Bend Morgans is home to two of these special gray Morgans.

Take a stroll through our website and meet the horses who romp around our pastures, from the regal Blackjack to the plucky little pony Rerun. We've also included a page that features our two dogs, Willow and Champ, who also grace the pages of the Morgan Horse series.

Blackjack the Morgan Horse

Meet Blackjack in the book trailer for the Morgan Horse series! Here's the YouTube version:

To learn more about the Morgan Horse, visit the Morgan Horse Association.

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